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Landscape Group 2024

Landscape Group 2024

Next meeting – week of 23-29 September

Location – TBC.

From 10am to 4pm

Free !

**Please check at beginning of the week – the weather can change the time location and date**

A free day !  Arrive and leave at your pleasure, but starts at 10am. Finish 4pm.

Bring your own kit … seat, easel, paints etc and lunch.

A hopefully suitable weather day will be chosen from the fourth full week of every month.

Call or text Anne 0225043447 for details.

We are just a group who like to go together to various places with enticing views to paint, draw, collage etc etc.

En plein air.

Everyone welcome, join us and put those fourth weeks in your diary.

Next meeting –

week of 23-29 September.

Location – TBC.

10am – 4pm