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Kura Raranga with Ngaio Tuari – Weaving School

12, 19, 26 June and 3, 10 and 11 July 2021

from 10am to 4pm each day

$299 for the course, $60 per casual class.

We’re very excited about this ! Our wonderful tutor Ngaio, our kaiwhatu, weaver, guides us through the traditional and spiritual methods of gathering the harakeke, preparing it for weaving, dyeing and working it into kete and other useful or just plain beautiful Maori objects. Who needs plastic bags when you can take a kete shopping ! Any skill level welcome. This year we’re also going to learn how raranga is used to make the traditional kakahu (cloaks) – specifically paki (rain capes), korowai (with decorative tassels), kilts and the woven bands that all go together to make traditional clothing.
Sometimes these beautiful garments can take literally years to make. We’ll learn how to make a garment using more modern costume techniques, or perhaps you’d like a more contemporary twist on your design?

To make it even more special, Ngaio and Onuku Runanga have invited us to a noho (sleepover) at the marae for the last weekend of our course. We truly will be able to completely immerse ourselves in this traditional and cultural art and humbly thank Ngaio for the opportunity.

This was a truly special course in 2019, don’t miss it this year !  

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