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Catching the Poetry Bug

6th and 20th July, plus 3rd August 2019


Three Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm.

ACAC has a busy winter coming up with hopefully something for everyone to enjoy. Watch this space or visit our website, you’ll find registration forms there also.

July 6th & 20th, plus August 3rd, Saturday afternoons 1pm to 4pm, we have persuaded the fabulous, award winning Patsy Turner to coach all of you budding poets out there toward your true potentials.

Catching The Poetry Bug – poetry, haiku and other such things – 

$120 for the course, or $45 per casual Saturday afternoon.

bring pen, paper and your imagination. Come and write with us!

To register for this course, download one form by clicking –

Print and sign one form, then post or scan it and email back to ACAC

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